The idea for Dream Team flew into my head one rainy afternoon. I was sitting with a pencil and a spiral notebook, just seeing where my thoughts would lead me. I scribbled down ‘Dream’ and then, for some reason, I wrote ‘Fetcher’ beside it. I got goose-bumps! The whole Dream Team idea sprang into life when I put those two words side by side. By the end of the afternoon, I had my team of trainee Dream Fetchers, Dreamside, the Three Abiding Rules – everything! The Dream Team had arrived. It was one of the most exciting moments of my writing life

harley from dreamteam Harley
snaffle from dreamteam Snaffle
Book One : Flying Solo
It's time for the DreamTeam to make their first solo flights, delivering dreams all over the world. Zooming about on a dreamskoot might sound fun, but when you're only seven centimetres tall, human-side is a dangerous place to be. As if flying solo wasn't bad enough, Vert's suffering from vertigo, Midge has gone on a guilt-trip about delivering a nightmare, Snaffle's determined to be the best whatever the cost, and Harley's just happy flying as far and as fast as she can! The team has a long way to go before they become fully-fledged Dream Fetchers.
midge from dreamteam Midge
Book Two : Showtime
The Dream Team faces their navigation test - delivering dreams to difficult places. Dangerous work when you're only seven centimetres high! Vert rescues two sick humans stranded on a yacht, Harley pays a visit to the circus and Midge bakes up a special forgiveness dream for a human racked by guilt. The pressure's on and it's time to put petty rivalries aside...
vert from dreamteam Vert


Team Leader Flint

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Flying Solo