For Younger Readers:

THE BORDERLANDS SEQUENCE – ‘Expect the Unexpected’.


‘A fine adventure sequence rich in dramatic action and perceptive about the emotional life of children. A suspenseful and elegant combination of the scientific and the spooky, starring four well-characterised friends.’
The Sunday Times

For Older Readers:  

Sixteen-year-old Rowan and her mother Eleanor share an idyllic life together in a glorious converted barn. But then something terrible happens to change all this – Eleanor is sexually assaulted by her boss and it seems that life will never be the same again.

This compelling and moving novel charts the ensuing court case and the hostility both mother and daughter suffer from a small town which chooses to take sides. Ultimately, it serves as an uplifting and important commentary on the nature of growing up. It is a book which refuses to be ignored.

‘Excellent. A taut domestic drama. The characters are all so substantial, there is no sense in which this is an issue novel.’
The Observer

the domino effect


Jason Hughes is rich, popular and a real hunk: so – naturally cool, clever Rosa doesn’t want anything to do with him. Until she learns they have something in common – each has a secret.

So do three other students at the school – guilty, frightening secrets that could ruin their lives. And even people from very different backgrounds have more in common than Rosa imagined, when they all face the same fear – and danger…

‘A gripping novel. Should keep even an adolescent engrossed.’
The Telegraph


One day, friend and stranger,
The granite beast will rise.’
Charles Causley

When fifteen-year-old Ruth is uprooted from town-life to a close-knit Cornish village after her father’s death, she feels lost and alone. But she is convinced that her strange an terrifying dreams of monstrous creatures are caused by something more than her own unhappiness and isolation. Only Ben, another outsider, seems to understand. But even if they can find out the meaning of Ruth’s dreams, how can two outcasts persuade the villagers to listen and prevent the catastrophe that threatens?

‘An excellent thriller. A chilling good fright.’
The Telegraph

granite beast