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‘Make a wish on Christmas Eve
And it comes true, if you believe.’

Alex wants Granddad home from hospital in time for Christmas, so he makes a foolish wish. In spite of Cat’s warnings, he asks his favourite computer game character to come and help. When the Warrior steps out of the screen with a large sword and a lot of attitude, Alex begins to wonder what he’s let himself in for! The Warrior’s deadly enemies, the Skarg, soon follow, trying to fit in as human beings in a world they don’t really understand.

Alex and Cat struggle to keep the Warrior under control as they head through the winter streets to rescue Granddad, defeat the Skarg, conquer Karaoke and explain carol singing, all in one hectic and exciting adventure.

A quest full of magic and danger, music and laughter: Dickens meets The Terminator in this modern fairytale for all the family.

ALEX AND THE WARRIOR is published by Oberon Books.

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‘Look out, old leather-pants is back! You knock him out. I’ll find a sack.’ CAT

In this hilarious sequel to ALEX AND THE WARRIOR, Cat is not the only one who is less than delighted to see the Warrior again. Alex is a whole year older and not sure whether he believes in his old friend any more….

But the Warrior cannot leave until he has tracked down the Skarg. This time his deadly enemies have found their own way out of the game and they are intent on world domination. If Warrior is to stop their dastardly plans, he needs Alex’s help.

ALEX AND THE WINTER STAR is a story about friendship and what it means to belong. Once again Alex, Cat and Warrior are off on an adventure full of magic and danger, music and laughter in this modern fairy tale for all the family.

If you are interested in producing ALEX AND THE WINTER STAR before it is published, you can obtain a manuscript by contacting me through my Theatre Agent, Nicki Stoddart, at:-

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Get Up & Tie Your Fingers
Devil’s Ground


Winner of the 1997 John Whiting Award for new theatre writing.

Like most mothers and daughters, Jean and Molly are the best of enemies. Molly yearns to get away from the village but Jean can never let her go until she faces up to her own demons. Friend and neighbour Janet has enough humour, warmth, wisdom and determination to take on the worst of demons, but even she is unprepared for one terrible day that changes everything.

On 14th October 1881 forty five six-man fishing boats left Eyemouth harbour for the fishing grounds. The freak storm that followed took the lives of one hundred and twenty nine men and boys all from one small community.

GET UP & TIE YOUR FINGERS tells the story of the Eyemouth fishing disaster through the eyes of three local women. It also tells a more universal story with themes to which we can all relate - dealing with guilt, coping with loss and learning how to let our children go


Five parents practise the art of advanced worrying. Five children gather on a piece of wasteground. Nine-year-old Sean is out on his own in the dark – and the monsters are coming out to play…

Once-upon-a-time, fairy tale warnings and the 21st century form a potent mix in this exploration of the dilemmas of modern parenting. How much freedom should our children have? Should we let them go – or do they need more protection than ever in this modern world? In our desire to keep our children safe, do we become the biggest monsters of them all? One thing is for sure. However anxious we become, we can’t keep them from growing up. While we worry, our children will always be out there, stronger than we think, wiser than we fear – simply getting on with the business of living.



This play tells the story of an historic act of genocide, told through the personal tragedy of one Reiver family. There are parallels with Mafia families and with 21st century street gangs in this determinedly unromantic slant on the lives of 16th century bandits in the Scottish Borders. The political cynicism of James VI in ridding himself of old supporters who had become embarrassing liabilities also had contemporary echoes. An exploration of what happens to a family when it is left with no option but to stand and face its own destruction.

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