About Glint

“A really successful mix of fantasy and reality. Brilliant. Highly recommended”
Reading Matters

“Totally absorbing and full of anguish, desperation, fear and gripping magic.”

“A page-turner.”
School Librarian

“Most certainly one of the best and most gripping books I have ever read. Five stars.”
Word Mavericks

About the Borderlands Sequence

‘Excellent, multi-layered novels.
The Scotsman

‘A delight.’
Times Educational Supplement

‘Boldness, brevity and suspense. Excellent books.’
Dianna Wynne Jones, Daily Telegraph

‘A series of gripping stories in which fantasy and the real world meet.’
Wendy Cooling, Books to Enjoy

‘Thrilling and unmissable’
Sunday Telegraph

The Domino Effect

‘Thoughtful, provocative and powerful.’
Books for Keeps

Welcome to the Real World

'The ultimate feel-good book'

The Granite Beast

‘A compelling supernatural novel. Thoughtful and powerful.’
In Brief

‘Nicely rooted in Cornish legend without stooping to travelogue or gnomeville, this book is stylishly and confidently written. An impressive debut.’
The Independent


About Alex and the Winter Star

A selection of audience comments from the 2005/6 NTC tour.

‘Delightful, magical, moving, brilliant!’

‘Unusual, off the wall and brilliant.’

‘Really, really, really funny! I loved every second of it.’

‘Could not stop laughing.’

‘Well done. Enjoyed by adults and children alike.’

‘Laughed and cried at the same time.’

‘So good! I was in stitches all through and the end is surprisingly moving.’

‘My boy wants them to do it again!’

About Get Up & Tie Your Fingers

‘A delicate and touching piece of storytelling theatre. A distinctive play of deceptive simplicity. The beautifully understated writing sings with sincerity. Enormously affecting. Wonderful, heartwarming and tough.’
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

‘A bittersweet play – a tender celebration – the lyrical writing bubbles with emotion yet never spills over into sentimentality. An inspiring tale of courage and survival, it convincingly shows that hope can thrive even in the darkest of hours.’
The Stage

‘A real gem, deeply moving without mawkishness.’
The British Theatre Guide

About Devil's Ground

‘Coburn shows herself adept at filling in the human detail neglected by the broad brush of history. A piece that makes history breathe real air.’
The Scotsman